Short Sales

I am a specialist in negotiating “short sales” for sellers with negative equity. I have vast knowledge and experience with regard to the effects a short sale has on a borrower’s credit, the possible tax consequences of a short sale and how to handle short sale negotiations when there are two loans on a property, including HELOCs (Home Equity Lines of Credit) or other non-purchase money loans.

I have been negotiating short sales since 2008, and have the experience necessary to effectively market short sale properties ranging from truly ”distressed” properties to Luxury Homes that simply have too much negative equity to sell via conventional methods. I market all of my listings with an extensive marketing plan and advertising on more than hundred different real estate classified websites. This gives my clients the opportunity to get the maximum value for their property which helps to speed up the approval process of short sales with the banks.

Contact me to find out what is selling in your area. I will give you access to live MLS and will create a personal portal for you so you can see at your convenience what is selling in your area and around.

Some of the Benefits of Short Selling your Property versus Foreclosing:

  • Less Damage to your Credit
  • Quicker Ability to Obtain a Mortgage
  • Cash to Sellers
  • Employment Factors
  • Avoiding the Stigma of Foreclosure
  • Lower Tax Liability

“Information found on this website is for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace legal and/or tax advice. For legal/tax advice related to short sales, we strongly recommend you consult the proper legal counsel as well as a licensed CPA prior to you making a short sale related decision.”